The folks at the Old Farmer's Almanac think we'll have a pleasant winter here in Texas. If you ask me, that sounds like relatively warm temperatures and plenty of rain, which means more of these damned bugs!

Y'all, be thankful we live in Texas. The folks up in the Northeast are not enjoying the information inside the 203rd edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac that calls for a literal 'polar coaster' this winter.

Down here in Texas, things are being called 'pleasant'. I can't recall a winter that I've ever had that I would call 'pleasant'. It's either cold and wet, or cold and snowy. Let's hope that we will all be pleasantly surprised.

The Almanac says November to late January will be milder and drier than normal. Areas between South Oklahoma and the Texas coast that have a tendency to see snowfall should see lighter than normal amounts. The best window for cold temps will also be November to late January with a warmer spring to follow. That will also mean a bit more rain for spring and summer.

Overall the scene in Texas looks to be fairly calm this winter. Much better than headlines that read "Buckle Up, Ohio". Those poor folks are being told to expect frigid, freezing, and frosty. Hefty snowfalls and are expected for that area by late January into February.


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