It wasn’t supposed to storm last night, was it?  Well, I missed the signs and by the time the thunder rolled in, it was too late to drug the dog.  This is what we did instead.

What is Going On?

Groucho is not allowed on the furniture, and he usually abides by that rule, but when he hears thunder or fireworks,  all reason goes out of his little brain and he thinks he is safer on the couch or the chair.  We usually pile em up with stuff, but sometimes he creates a nest in the gaps.  So I searched the internet and found that dogs don’t like stepping on foil and bubble wrap.

It ain't pretty but it works!

I started with the bubble wrap, Groucho  jumped on then jumped off.  Then he jumped over the wrap to the top of the couch so I added the foil.  And it worked.

What is this Stuff?

I am going to buy that heavy duty foil and big bubble wrap for next time.

It looks like Groucho won’t have to go to rehab after all. At least not for the Doggie Drugs. He may have to talk to somebody about that fear of bubble wrap though!