We were already excited to see 'American Hustle' because it's the latest film from the always-interesting David O. Russell and because it has one of the strongest ensembles in recent memory. But now, with the release of two new images, we're really excited to see it because it apparently pulls no punches when it comes to completely '80s-ifying stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper. They look ludicrous...and also kind of awesome.

Although 'American Hustle' is "inspired by true events" drama, these images definitely make us giggle. Can we take these guys seriously when they look like this? Or are we supposed to be laughing? We'll probably have to wait until a trailer arrives so we can get an idea of what this film will actually feel like, but we could stare at Christian Bale's receding hairline, Amy Adams' sideboob and Bradley Cooper's weird tan all day.

In the film, Cooper and Bale play con-men who are recruited by the FBI to help track down and expose corrupt politicians. Adams plays one of their accomplices (who is also Bale's mistress). Jennifer Lawrence plays Bale's wife. Robert De Niro plays the corrupt mayor of Camden New Jersey. Somehow, the film also has room for Jeremy Renner, Michael Pena, Louis CK and Jack Huston in additional roles. This cast! All in '80s wear!

'American Hustle' is set to arrive on December 25, 2013...because nothing says "Happy Holidays!" quite like Bradley Cooper with a Jheri curl.