The latest viral video shows an alleged shoplifter at Walmart in Coweta, Oklahoma. Another shopper recorded the guy loading the goods into an SUV.  I know you would like to see it.

The best way to see it is on Anthony Smith's Facebook page right here.  But if it's too much trouble to click, you can watch this report from CNN.



As you can see, the accused has a cart load of stuff he is hurriedly loading into his vehicle. He took his license plate off too by the way.  In the cart, looks like diapers, and toilet paper, and cereal and stuff.  Of course we have no idea if the guy was truly a shoplifter, though the absence of bags is a mystery. and why was he in such a hurry?


If he did steal all that stuff, how in the world did he get it past the elderly greeter at door?  In my neighborhood those people are ruthless!


As a side note, guy who shot the video, TURN YOUR PHONE!!!!!