There are those that DO, and there are those that DON'T.  As in DON'T contribute anything to society and DON'T deserve to be part of civilized society.  Unfortunately, those that DON'T typically DO get all the headlines on the evening news.  This is about those that DO.

I have a cousin-in-law, Katie, that I see on Facebook doing an incredible amount of work rescuing dogs near Houston with Corridor Rescue.  I'm constantly seeing posts about her finding dogs in need of rescue and opening her home to them.  When I asked her earlier today, she told me, "I've always loved the underdog and was saddened to see them hungry and homeless."

We all talk about wanting to do it, but few of us actually follow through.  It's behavior toward those that can't help themselves, both animals and fellow humans, that truly defines someone's legacy on this planet.  There are those that abuse one's "power" over innocent children, and there are those that choose to inflict their wrath on the animal kingdom.  Both are examples of behavior that has no place in civilized society.

We may never be able to stop the people that do heinous things toward others, but thankfully there are people, like my cousin-in-law, that DO.  There are amazing people everywhere that never make the evening news with their acts, both random and premeditated, of kindness toward those that need a whole lot of it.

Luckily for a family of dogs taking up residence in the Mojave Desert there were some DOERS shown on the Hope For Paws website that were willing to spend three days in the sweltering heat rescuing momma dog and her three pups.  It's a grueling watch in the beginning as the dogs, obviously suffering from their extensive injuries and infections, fight captivity every step of the way, but the payoff is one of the most incredible things you'll never see on the evening news.




While sharing this video with you didn't start out with any plea or appeal for more DOERS, if you're still reading this you certainly care enough it shows you care enough to become a DOER.  There are many organizations that could use more DOERS.  Organizations that help children, like CASA, are always in need of more people willing to DO.  There are also numerous organizations doing incredible, and incredibly underappreciated, work for animals.  Volunteering at a place like APAC or your local animal shelter will go a long way toward DOING.