Remember the SWAT team that got called to an address in the Pacific Northwest a few weeks back? The cops stormed the house after a call about a burglar? It turned out to be a Roomba vacuum hiding in the bathroom. The homeowner mistook the device for an intruder.

Now it's our turn here in Texas. Police in Woodway surrounded a home on Thursday night with guns drawn only to find an armadillo.

Officers in Woodway were called around 7 p.m. to a home in the 1200 block of Sierra Drive after reports of shot fired and blood splatter near an open door. Police also found a gun laying in the yard. A full investigation is ongoing now.

Police Chief Bret Crook said, "I don’t know if he panicked or what after the shots were fired, we will be doing a full investigation and following up with that there’s nothing else to it that we see right now."

Someone must have video of the police surrounding this empty house shouting on a bullhorn to "come out with your hands up". The neighbors didn't have any answers for the police either. After about 90 minutes on the bullhorn, police made their way inside the house. Nobody was home.

Crook says he things the homeowner may have been shooting at an animal that was tearing up his yard. They suspect it was an armadillo. There is a city ordinance in Woodway that says no gunfire in a residential area. They have not decided yet if the situation merits charging the homeowner.

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