If you think kids are cute and if you think baby animals are cute, than your heart will melt when you see them interact.

Forth Worth Zoo recently had a photo contest, asking visitors to share their favorite encounters with animals. It was certainly a success  - I mean how can you go wrong with a toddler and a 5-month old gorilla having a moment?

The little gorilla, Gus, was born in December, 2015. The zoo celebrated his birth as a "major conservation success" as the western lowland gorillas are in serous danger of extinction mostly because of poaching and disease. There are mixed reactions online with some loving how adorable the photo is, and others expressing sadness because the gorilla is behind glass - essentially in captivity.

So we have a new challenge to present to you! We want to find the cutest picture of your child interacting with an animal. All we ask is that you keep it safe for everyone.