January 13th in Houston more than 75 doctors and nurses performed a miracle. 

After 7 and half hours, the parents of the now seperated twins got to see their daughter, in separate beds, for the first time.

The twins had separate spines, brains, arms and legs, but they shared a liver and a heart. Well, sort of. They had two hearts but they were connected by a vein.

They were also connected by their face. Since there wasn't a day in their young lives that they weren't looking into each others faces, the doctors took a picture of each face, and set it next to the twins so when they woke up, the still saw their sisters face, just, now, no longer connected.

Chron is reporting that the surgery was only the 2nd in Houston in more than 20 years. The also reported that if the doctors saw that the twins had shared a common wall, that they would've stopped the separation.


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