Sometimes the words 'Back to School' can bring out the best in people.

Take for example the story of a California woman who decided to buy school supplies for every student at Rosebud Primary School right here in Central Texas. Yes, all 200 students.

KWTX reports one woman took care of nearly every single item the school had requested the students bring for the first day of school. It was Rosebud Primary's first-grade teacher Kendra Lorenz who had contact with the donor, and she told our news partners, "You can't put into words how much that support means". The school has just over 200 kids attending, and this year all of them have all the supplies they need to get started.

Rosebud Primary Principal Alushka Driska wants parents of students who are enrolled to know they can stop by the school's business office this week and next week to pick up any supplies needed. Classes at Rosebud Primary School  begin August 28th.

With all the things we see in the news that may bring us down, it's so great to see people still going out of their way to do good for others.

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