A second man has been diagnosed with a rare form of flesh eating bacteria after having been in the water on the Texas coast.

Adrian Ruiz from Buda, TX was told he has Vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria contracted from eating under-cooked shellfish or allowing water with the bacteria present into a wound.  Doctors are hoping that his leg will not have to be amputated, and the latest reports show the swelling going down.

Ruiz had been fishing around Port Aransas. According to Austin's KXAN-TV, the Department of State Health Services acknowleges 27 reported cases of Vibrio so far this year.

I myself am allergic to shellfish so I will not be eating any of it. And I try to stay out of brackish water, because that's nasty to begin with. I'd advise you do the same.  Instead of going down the coast fishing in your shorts, do the whole world a favor, keep your pants on and head on over to the Tuesday night steak special at the mid priced restaurant of your choice. Chances are they'll throw in the big potato for free. In other words, stay away from the fish.

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