Fox 26 is passing around a video of Woody the Cowboy who is shopping Walmart on horseback! Not the Woody from "Toy Story", it's Houston resident Woody Fields.

Woody rode his horse right past the greeters at Walmart who probably stood their speechless, or, maybe they've seen this once or twice before so they just let him do his thing. Remember when another cowboy rode his horse into a Texas Taco Bell last summer?

Maybe we need more parking places for horses in Texas.

Anyway, watch Woody's video up top if only to see the looks on the other shoppers faces. Ha! Somehow the video also seems to indicate there are two other horses already in the store?? So what's really going on here? Just living that country life in Texas, friend. Thanks all!

Woody's video is up to 8000 views on his facebook page.

Youtube is full of Cowboys at Walmart and it's probably a good thing! Here's a video of a cowboy (this one was from Oregon) who stopped a bike thief with his lasso at a Walmart!

Thank God for Cowboys! Yeehaw!

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