If you do a simple Google search you'll see that a lot of people are Googling things to help with their, or their teenager's, social awkwardness.  

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There's a new app, called "Cloak", that works in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media sites to determine where your friends are located so that you can see on a map where you might want to avoid in order to avoid social interaction.

It's hard for me to comprehend being socially awkward.  For me, as a kid, it was a "kill or be killed" mentality when it came to social interaction.  I was an Air Force brat, moving every three years, sometimes more often than that, to spots around the world.  I had to adapt to new cultures, new people and new social settings.  Some people have been in their social "bubble" for far too long to emerge from their social caterpillar status and emerge as a social butterfly.

There are plenty of existing apps to help you overcome the awkwardness that envelopes you in social settings.  What about the people that have given up hope of ever being socially "cool"?  I've come up with three apps that might help those people.


Just Fake It- An easily-accessible app designed to produce a random illness, complete with a set of symptoms, designed to give you an excuse to get out of meeting up with your friends for drinks.


Awkward-  This app listens to all your conversations in real-time, analyzes the text, and uses bluetooth in your ear to tell you incredibly insensitive and offensive things to say to the person you're talking to in order to get out of the conversation.


Last Resort-  An app that can be used to trigger nearby fire alarms, car alarms and even a building's sprinkler system as a last resort.  If you find yourself in an uncomfortable, socially weird setting, fire off a nearby security alarm, wait for the person to look that way and then run like you stole something!!