A few times a year we get to hear about meteor showers overhead in the Texas night sky. Tonight will be one of those nights to get a great view!

The Southern Delta Aquariids will be passing by with peak viewing hours late tonight through early tomorrow morning. KHOU11 and the American Meteor Society report two distinct events will actually be happening overhead tonight at the same time.

The Aquariid shower will be going on at the same time as the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower. The Capricornids will feature the brighter more distinct shooting stars with some visible fireballs. We can expect about 25 to 30 meteors per hour during these showers.

Tonight's moon will be only 6% full meaning the darker skies will make for even better viewing. The best time for viewing in Texas or anyplace else in the world will be after midnight and before 6 am Tuesday.

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