I have met several people who swear that Ambien is one of the worst things they have ever taken. Several of my friends have been prescribed a sleeping pill to help them with their insomnia and it baffles me when they recount some of the things their partners and friends have told them. Do sleeping pills truly make you not remember things from the night before? Do you remember that viral Reddit post about a man who accidentally proposed to his girlfriend while he was on Ambien? The guy even switched his status on Facebook to say he was engaged. The sad part, the guy recalls ZERO. Zilch. Nada. How sad that he has to rely on his bride to be to know how he pulled it off.

Did you know that about 9 million Americans rely on sleeping pills? The Food and Drug Administration has now mandated black-box warnings. This is a way for the FDA to call attention to "serious or life-threatening risks” on three sedative-hypnotic sleep aids, Lunesta, Sonata, and Ambien. These drugs have been connected to 20 reported deaths and 46 non-fatal but serious injuries, which now has the FDA on high alert. Some of the injuries reported have been accidental overdoses, near-drownings, falls, hypothermia, car accidents, and even suicide. Have you ever taken sleeping pills? Was your experience good or bad? Tell us the good bad and the ugly.

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