Former Austin math teacher Haeli Wey allegedly had improper relationships with two students, and an arrest affidavit claims she asked one of them to help her cover it up and squash rumors of their affair. Wey has since pleaded guilty to those charges.

Wey was 28-years-old when she had a relationship with two 17 year old students at Austin's Westlake High School. The students say Wey met them as part of a "student ministry program" and the relationship became physical with one of the students when she accompanied his family on a trip to Africa.

Wey will not have to register as a sex offender because both students were of the age of consent in Texas. Had they been younger, the outcome could have been even worse.

What's just as disturbing as this case is the fact that in the state of Texas we have seen nearly 700 teachers fired since January of 2010 over allegations of impropriety. The total sits at 686 teachers who couldn't figure out that a physical relationship with a student was not ok over the last 7 years. This data comes right out of a report filed in the Austin American-Statesman.

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