21-yer-old cold case gets new leads.

Amazing news coming out of Killeen. For the first time in over 20 years there is a person of interest in cold case.

CenTexProud.com is reporting that new leads could soon bring closure to a case that's 21-years-old.

Back in 1997, 7-year-old Danydia Thompson went missing on her way to school. Witnesses claimed at the time that a black man called to the girl and several people reported seeing the two talking, with Danydia going away with him riding "piggyback" style.

Her body was found seven days later on Highway 195 South of Killeen near the Lampasas River.

Detective Fred Harris now believes he knows who killed Danydia after new evidence has been uncovered. Texas DPS and the F.B.I. have also contributed to the case.

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