Last year Reckless Kelly won a Grammy, not bad for the independent county / rock band based in Austin. Last week front man Willy Braun called in to the show and here's what we learned:

  1. Thanks to Seven Nights in Ireland, many folks think RK is a Celtic Rock Band.
  2. Best moment at MuiscFest 2015 was more of a collection of moments: staying up playing late with Micky, Gary, Corb Lund, Matt Hillyer, Wade Bowen...
  3. Until All Nighter, on Cody Canada's new album HippieLovePunk, it'd been over 20 years since the Brauns had all been in the studio together.
  4. His childhood family band, Muzzy and the Boys, was musical guest on The Tonight Show twice. Once with Carson, once with Leno.
  5. Reckless Kelly makes it a point to do things that encourage people to buy a physical of their albums, hence TWO Grammy nominations, and that win in packaging category.

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