It's not a self-driving car but it's not all that far off.

It's a self-driving shuttle bus that has been driving around Austin overnight as tests are completed before the vehicle is introduced to the city next year. KXAN reports that the buses will include an "attendant" who will observe the shuttle during the tests and make sure things run smoothly. Would that be enough to help you feel safe riding in a self-riding vehicle? Let's put this question to the test. I can tell ya right now it might be the last thing I wanna see when I'm trying to get to the terminal from the long-term parking lot at the airport.

Capital Metro is the company testing two different styles of self-driving buses before deciding on which one will enter the pilot program. Ongoing tests will include a free ride to several different stops along Third Street between the Convention Center and Republic Square Park. Capital Metro says self-driving buses will be the future of transportation and they want to be ready for it.

The pilot program will need to run without major setbacks for an entire year. Then Capital Metro and the city will comb over the riders feedback and decide the next step.

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