I think it's safe to say that if you're traveling across Texas, Buc-ee's is clearly the best stop of every road trip. It might have even been your destination. But for this Central Texan, stopping at all 33 Buc-ee's in the state was his goal, and he did it in just three days.

You read that right. 33 Buc-ee's in just three days. THAT'S 10 BUC-EE'S PER DAY.

According to the Austin - American Statesman, Cody Esser mapped out his 1,600-mile journey in about a week back in July of 2018.

On June 19, 2018, Esser headed north on I-35 for the first round. The plan was five locations on day one, 21 on day two and seven for the final day. He established a routine from the beginning. Stop. Get gas, if needed. Go inside, maybe grab a snack or some caffeine. Get back on the road. Return to Austin each night.

To read all about his Buc-ee's experience, you can visit Esser's travel blog here.

Interestingly, Essers writes that the Temple Buc-ee's is his most visited, as he often drives from Texas to Wisconsin. He rates it highly, praising the short (or often non-existent) wait times for pumps, the spotless bathrooms, and the overwhelming variety of items inside.

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