KXAN is reporting that an employee of the Southside Flying Pizza restaurant in Austin has been fired for writing an offensive statement on the receipt of a police officer.

After an officer stopped in for pizza at the location at 2702 E. Cesar Chavez Street, the noticed a surprising message printed on his receipt. It was the The word "pig" followed by vulgar language.

Store manager David Hutley says the employee responsible for the note was let go over the weekend and the first thing Southside Flying Pizza did was make a donation to the Austin Police Officer Memorial Fund in the amount of $1000.

The lunch rush at Southside Flying Pizza was pretty busy on Monday as several Austin officers came in for pizza in support of the way the store handled the situation.

Sgt. Andrew Romero told KXAN, "I’ve had conversations with the manager of this restaurant and I feel very confident, not just with those conversations but with the long standing relationship that this was an isolated incident and it’s not indicative of this business."

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