Back in March of 2023, we discussed an outspoken teacher's situation in Austin, Texas. As shown in the video below, various reasons were given as to why Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy was called into a meeting with an administrator at her school:

Addition content was provided in another video following the original post:

But now, more details have been revealed, as BuzzFeed discussed the situation with Sophia, the now former teacher at the school.

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Details Provided By Sophia

Sophia shared the main reason for the original meeting. According to her comments to BuzzFeed, the issues began during Holocaust Remembrance Week. Texas Senate Bill 1828, which decrees the week, sets the precedent for students to learn about the Holocaust.

Sophia told BuzzFeed that students in her class "learned about recognizing propaganda and why Hitler went into schools to teach Nazi ideology and nationalism." Sophia also said this included learning "about rights US citizens have today in comparison to restrictions placed on those in 1940s Germany."

As explained in the follow-up video, students in Sophia's class made a decision to "practice protesting." Some students, instead of standing during the Pledge, sat during the recitation of it. This caused issues, as according to Texas law, all students must stand and Pledge Allegiance to the US and Texas Flags. (Note: Students may gain exemption with written notice from a parent or guardian.)

After the video was published regarding the original meeting,  BuzzFeed reported Sophia was called into a conference with HR, where it was proposed that Sophia be let go. Sophia posted another video described the situation after it occurred:

At the time of writing, BuzzFeed had reached out to Austin ISD for comment, but no response has been given.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information if it becomes available.

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