Munsta is a therapy dog who belongs to the Calloway family in Austin, Texas.

The dog is best friends with the Calloway's 12-year-old autistic son. Munsta boi is able to warn the child's parents when their son is about to have a seizure during the night and has become a beloved member of the Calloway's family.

About a week ago the dog got out of the house and disappeared. The boy was heartbroken. His parents described his panic attacks and distress without his best friend to lay beside him at night when he went to sleep according to The Calloway's took to social media for help and hung up missing dog posters all over the capital city. They had hundreds of volunteers assist them over the past week. Their search for Munsta was shared over 1000 times.

Jacob N Tara Calloway via Austin Lost and Found Pets facebook page

The Calloway's say the experience has taught them the importance of community. It's so great to see a happy ending for this special family.