Sibling trio the Band Perry has seen loads of success over the past years, but before the band started, younger brothers Reid and Neil played a much different role. While Kimberly was still the blonde-haired beauty performing on stage, her brothers acted as roadies to their big sister.

Neil recently told Big Machine Records, “I was 8, Reid was 10, and Kimberly started her band and she needed roadies, so Reid and I, we said ‘You know, we’ll help you out for a little bit.’”

When sharing that funny tidbit, Kimberly adamantly insisted that her brothers were paid, while Reid and Neil laughed and denied any payment during their role as roadies. You have to admit, these close siblings are even adorable when they disagree.

After two weeks as hard-working helpers, Kimberly recalls, “…they caught the band fever themselves and so, like Neil said… they started their own little rock-n-roll band and they had this adorable little lead singer and keyboard player, and electric guitar player and their band would open for me and my guys all over the southeast.”

Fortunately for their dedicated fans, the Band Perry officially began soon after the siblings started traveling together. Kimberly jokingly recalls that it happened “when all of our heights kind of evened up.” We’re glad Reid and Neil caught up to their sister so that they could bring us great music such as their latest single, ‘Better Dig Two.’