Police and Firefighters in Bartlett, Texas rushed to the aid of a school bus Thursday morning that had become entangled in what was believed to be power lines. Luckily, it turned out to be non-electrical telephone cable.

The School Bus got into trouble at the intersection of Elm and Cottrell in Bartlett, and the bus driver told dispatchers in Bell County that he thought the wires may be power lines. The bus driver was afraid to move the bus any further with children on board.

No one was injured, but first responders said they they did find telephone cables and a power line that was not charged entangled around the school bus. A big thanks to the city workers from Bartlett who pitched in to help get the school bus on it's way about 15 minutes later.

Bartlett ISD Superintendent Travis Edwards told our news partners at  KWTX that, "it was just a matter of showing extra precaution".