About 1,000 people have now seen Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, and while I was standing outside cursing the world because I didn't get a world premier ticket, good old BB-8 rolls by and tries to damage our station's property!

OK. Actually, you can do this with your phone with an awesome (and free) app called the Action Movie app from the App Store. It's really simple. Just pick your Star Wars character (BB-8 is free), and hit record.

Here's how to create videos and epic battle scenes with your favorite characters:

1. Download the Action Movie app from the App Store.

2. Select the character you’d like to use. BB-8 is free, the add-on action packs vary in price.

3. Follow the prompts on-screen to record a video. You’ll want to do this with a large, flat space to make it more realistic.

4. Upload to Facebook and share with us!

Let's see what ya got!