We've all had that moment, right? We see a bee and immediately go into 'flight' mode, scrambling to get away from that little stinger. Let's be real here for a moment: NO ONE likes getting stung by a bee. I mean, it hurts after all!

But as much as some have disdain for the little black and yellow bugs, they do have their place in nature. Bees are tremendously important to our ecosystem, and of course they make honey, which some of us couldn't live without.

Without bees, our planet would be doomed. Nowadays, the little pollinators need our help more than ever.

That's where beekeeping comes into play. Beekeeping, much like the bees themselves, has its own pros as well, some of which you can see here. But there's one other benefit that some in Texas might not know about.

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That benefit? Less property taxes for those who helping with bees!

AG Exemption In Texas Regarding Beekeeping

According to Bee-Mindful, (great name by the way) Texans can apply for an exemption on their property taxes if they do certain items. Owning 5 more or acres on either residential or rural land will help with Texas Tax Code Chapter 23, Subchapter D, Sect. 23.51 1 and 2, in addition to any other rules set by whichever county a Texan resides in.

This is to simply to help apply to make your land an "Open Space" to raise the bees themselves. There's multiple different ways to take care of the insects as well.

But What The Savings On Property Taxes?

Well, Bee-Mindful states that one land owner in Driftwood, Texas is saving upwards of $10,000 due to the land being used for beekeeping. So that seems like a good reason to get into beekeeping doesn't it?

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