The city of Belton loves its teachers and took steps this week to make sure that they know their hard work and dedication is appreciated. Belton ISD unanimously approved a pay raise for teachers this week following the passage of Texas House Bill 3. This means teachers will see pay raises that average about 6.5%.

In all, the raises will add up to about $5 million dollars according to Superintendent Susan Kincannon. Check out the full press release from the city of Belton with the button below.

House Bill 3 says 75% of the increase needs to go to teachers, nurses, librarians, and counselors. 25% can go to administrators. Kincannon broke it down further and told KCENTV the average teacher will see a pay increase of $3200 up to $5200. The starting salary for teachers is now $50,200.

Belton ISD says they're not done yet. They also hope to offer an increase for teachers aides and other staff. The districts health insurance contribution will also go up by $25 bucks.

Up next is an evaluation of the district's tax rate in accordance to the stipulations laid out in the new House Bill 3.

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