Allegations are that a 40-year-old man from Belton walked into Mr. Mikes Pizza in Temple on Sunday evening, locked employees in the freezer, and took off with cash.

Temple Police Cpl. Shawana Neely told the Temple Daily Telegram that one person has been arrested for the robbery at 2902 S. 31st Street in Temple. Luckily the employees could get cell phone service from inside the freezer and dialed 9-1-1 for help.

The employees of Mr. Mike's said two men pulled off the robbery and that one of them was armed with a gun. Time to call the camera repairman. The report says the video surveillance system at the pizza place was not operating the evening of the robbery.

The man police arrested is named Juan Hernandez of Belton according to the TDT. He was found walking in the area of the robbery not far from a dumpster that contained the grey hooded sweatshirt worn by the man who locked the workers in the freezer. He was arrested on a couple of outstanding warrants. Jail records have him charged with two warrants and a third-degree felony is also on the list.

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