Belton’s African American Churches United is working to rename a street in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., but feel a new city policy is preventing progress.

The AACU requested that the city rename 2nd Street in honor of King in January of 2012. However, Belton did not have a policy in place to address changes in street names at that time. They established one months after the initial request, but the AACU says that policy is unfair and a hindrance.

The new policy calls for ballots to be sent to residents of any street for which a name change is proposed. 70% of residents must vote in favor of the change, with non-responses being considered “no” votes.

The proposal to rename 2nd Street was voted down under the policy.

Belton AACU is now hoping to rename Alexander and South Davis Streets in honor of Dr. King. Belton mayor Jim Covington has said that he and other city leaders want to see King honored with a street name, but most residents of those streets are not in favor of a change. Some city council members want to see the renaming policy overridden and have requested that city staff draft a proposal to determine if an override is possible.

Alexander Street in Belton | Google Maps