So there is a new ugly duck in
Nolan Creek. At least that's what some people call ducks that get left behind by their family or become "lost".

The city of Belton noticed the little fella had claimed residence near the Finance Building at Nolan Creek in early April. Now the city of Belton wants to name it.

The poll lists the choices as: Howard (38%), Duck Norris (49%), or Goose Lee (13%). The poll has been up on the city of Belton's twitter feed for a couple days, and it looks like "Duck Norris" is the winner!. We like it!

I'm sure if you grab a couple slices of bread and let the kids come down to Nolan Creek to feed this little guy, he will probably answer to just about any name you can think of. He'd surely appreciate a little love. Here is a photo of Duck Norris from the folks at the city of Belton twitter page. 

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