There's so many restaurants in the state of Texas aren't there?

From BBQ to Italian, you have a lot to consider if you're hungry in the Lone Star State. Suffice to say, one will find something to eat eventually. But sometimes, that choice is harder than one might expect.

Maybe your in the mood for two, maybe even three different types of food. How could a Texan even find those all in one place though? Thankfully such a place does indeed exist.

Buffets are a great choice for somebody craving different types of food. But where is the best in the state of Texas? We know that too!

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The Best Buffet In Texas Is Where?


To discover the number one buffet in Texas, we turn to Reader's Digest. Where could it be? Perhaps Austin or San Antonio, or maybe a smaller Texas Town?

Well, as it turns out, the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Texas is in Dallas! It's name you ask? None other than Kalachandji’s Restaurant & Palace.

But why Kalachandji’s Restaurant & Palace? Per Reader's Digest:

"Located in an ancient temple (the “palace”), the Indian restaurant serves up an all-you-can-eat spread of vegetarian dishes based on the Ayurvedic style of cooking for the mind, soul, and body."

So not only does it have a great selection of foods, it's even got an interesting location! This definitely seems like a place that some of us in the Lone Star State will need to check out someday.

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