Yelp Texas turned to its Lone Star State audience to find the most haunted places in the state. They decided on searching for specific keywords in reviews of different categories like restaurant, food, travel, and art. They then put together their list of the top 20 haunted locations. Let's take a look at their list.

Love A Good Ghost Story

I'm always into a good ghost story. Truth be told, I've never seen a ghost or had anything happen to me that couldn't be explained away as just an odd occurrence. Don't get me wrong: I want to believe, but until something actually happens to me that's unexplainable, you'll just have to consider me a non-believer in ghosts.

Fortunately there are plenty of other people who claim to have seen or have had a paranormal experience at different establishments around Texas. CBS Austin reported on Yelp's findings.

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Ranking Texas' Haunted Haunts

Out of the top 20 haunted places in Texas, San Antonio finished with seven places on the list, with Austin coming in with six. New Braunfels was the only other city to have multiple places make the list with two. Locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Jefferson, and El Paso round out the cities in the top 20.

Let's start with the seven places in San Antonio that made the list: VFW Post 76 landed at number 20 on the list with The Crockett Hotel, The Esquire Tavern, St. Anthony, a Luxury Collection Hotel, The Alamo, The Emily Morgan Hotel and the Menger Hotel, which finished 4th overall, all being listed as haunted.

Austin had six locations make the top 20 with four landing in the top 5: The Tavern and 1886 Cafe & Bakery made the top 20 with the Clay Pit at number five, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill at number three, The Driskill Bar at number two and The Driskill finishing at the number one haunted spot in Texas.

The Driskell has long been thought to be haunted. Completed in 1886 with a rich history of visitors and of course, hauntings. They say room 525, known as the "Suicide Brides" room, is the room that is the most haunted.

As someone who has never seen a ghost, perhaps that's the room I should stay in.

If you ask me, the folks at Yelp left out a local town that has a reputation for being haunted: BELTON!

I mean, c'mon. Yettie Polk Park is said to be haunted by the ghost of Yettie Tobler Polk and her four children killed in a flood in the late 1800s.

Then there's Ms. Hattie's Place, which was the site of a brothel and bootlegging operation and is said to be home to mysterious spirits that definitely aren't for drinking.

Also, don't forget the Old Bell County Jail, where a bunch of prisoners were murdered, the haunted old train station, or UMHB's haunted Presser Hall.

If you're a believer, Belton is a hotbed of paranormal activity!

Do you know of any local haunts that should have made Yelp's list? Tell us all about them!

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