Hey Gang!  Happy Weekend!

Time now for me to let the cat out of the bag. You might ask yourself, "why does he have a cat in a bag?" For that matter, "Why is he letting it out after he put it in?" Well admittedly, I'm not a cat person, and I don't have a hammer for that matter. Some how I feel I've gotten of track.  O.K. from the beginning.  Opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  Odds are as high as Cheech & Chong that my views might not reflect those of this station or it's advertisers.  If you offend easily and yet continue to read on, and then get offended, your fault not mine.  I tried to warn you.  Idiot. ;) Now, as for that cat in a bag...I'm fat and out of shape.  No really, don't let the picture fool you.  I'm not sexy and I know it.  I don't work out...much.  But, and it is  big and dimply, I know how to workout.  And thus, I will share my knowledge.  Why, you might ask should you follow the work out instructions of a fat man.  First: A thin, or in shape, person is going to tell you what works for him or her.  Second, this is not about him or her, it's about you, and who better to know you but a complete stranger, whom you don't notice, but he notices you.  O.K. this is beginning to sound stocker bad.  How about this.  I'm a professional third wheel.  I notice when people are exercising and getting thinner then me.  I have a list.  O.K. went back to creepy.  Sorry.

Let's get started with so warm up exercises.  First Baby Juggling...O.K.  sorry, I forgot, that's illegal in this country.  God we're a backwards people. Fine!

My exercise plan can be summed up in a word.  Movement.  That's it, just move.  Shake, dance, shadow box, whatever, just move.  I find that music is a big help with this, so I've attached some video's to get you going.  Keep in mind don't do any type of exercise program without first checking with a physician.

Warm up time.  For real.  Put down the baby.  I like to start by watching a video from someone I find to be attractive.  It's a motivational tool.  If this exercising thing is successful I'll have a shot.  Yes, yes, I know, but hey, if you're not going to believe in your own dillusional thoughts, whose will you believe in?  Just start moving a slow easy pace, and do some leg stretches to this lovely diddy from Texas artist Kacey Musgraves...It's Merry Go Round...

Kacey can be heard on US105, will open for Kenny Chesney at the Tower Amphitheater at Circuit of the Americas on April 5th, and is nominated for the Academy of Country Music's "New Female Vocalist" Award. VOTE DAILY for Kacey at www.VoteACM.com. The 48th ACM Awards air Sunday, April 7 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
If you've liked 'Merry Go Round' and want to add this to your collection, you can download  it on iTunes:http://smarturl.it/KMMerryGoRound

O.K. now that you are  warmed up, lets move a little faster.  Remember don't do any type of exercise program without first checking with a physician.  Time for a video from Carley Rae Jespen.  No not that "Maybe" song.  Her new one, "This Kiss".  She's Canadian you know. iTunes Buy Link: http://smarturl.it/CarlyKiss

Music video by Carly Rae Jepsen performing This Kiss. (C) 2012 School Boy/Interscope Records/604 Records Inc.

How do you feel?  Lets keep the movement going. All aboard the Train.  Lets choo choo along with Train, and Ashley Monroe,from the Pistol Annies with "Bruises"..."Bruises" featuring Ashley Monroe from the new album "California 37" - http://smarturl.it/ca37iTunes

Listen to Ashley Monroe's song "Like A Rose"http://youtu.be/kgJeHFNjL6k

How we doing?  Do we want to die yet?  Better Dig Two...Music video by The Band Perry performing Better Dig Two. © 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC
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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/better-dig-two-closed-captioned/id584...

There you go, a nice start.  Didn't take that long either.  Just ten minutes a day can have just as good a result than working out for longer 3 times a week. The think is that if it don't take as long, you'll do it more often, hence, getting more exercise in.  Just move people.  Life is the ultimate ride, come, buy your ticket and have a blast!