Hey Gang,

We've all heard of the 5 second rule.  Drop something on a dirty floor, if you pick it up within 5 seconds it's still clean.  O.K., yes I know, it's bull#@#@, but hey, people are starving in Africa and I'm not about to waste a chip.  How could I sleep at night?  Well the other day I ran into a new situation.  It begged the question, is there a 5 second rule for medication?

Hell Yea there's a 5 second rule.  Good golly Molly, with the crap state of healthcare in this country, there's a 100 year rule.  But here's the trick, and this is the Big Q Tip.  Get your focus, this is going to be gross there's no way around it.  Pick up the pill, blow on it to remove...I guess the Plague, yea the Plague can be removed by air, you bet!  O.K. Walk over to the sink.  Get a good two finger grip on the pill. Turn on the water.  Dunk it into the water and in one quick motion, shake and throw it down your throat.  Quick, for all that is holy, grab something to drink and wash it down.  Now, run, don't walk, RUN to the bathroom and grab the mouthwash, and clean baby clean.  There you go.  How to take medication that's landed on a dirty floor.  You're welcome.