So, I guess my first tip should be, "don't get to comfy when sleeping" especially when you don't use an alarm.  You just might find yourself late for work like I did this morning.  The real idea I had for a tip comes to us from the ladies at the station.  You see, they have kids, and they like to through parties for said kids.  Do you remember any of the parties your parents threw for you when you were a child?  I don't, and I have photographic evidence, yet still no memories.  I've learned that they through the party as much for themselves as for the kids.  You see, for the kids, it's just another opportunity to play with friends.  For the parents, it's an opportunity to see their children happy.  I guess that's a good thing.  For the parents of the other children, and other guest who have yet to liter the planet with offspring, it can be an occasion of embarrassment.  You know what I'm talking about.  The party hats.  Cheap, cone shaped pieces of %#% you are forced to wear, you know for the kids.  So here's the tip; Don't make the grown ups where the hats.  Stick a balloon in them and make them Ice Cream Balloons. 

Now that's a party I would like to go to.  And if I'm more excited about going, I'm more apt to buy a better present...possibly.  So, flip the hats, you know, for the kids.