Hey Der,

Big Q back with a Tip for you.  I woke up this morning and realized that I had yet to write a tip, so I thought I should make something up.  I love making things up.  With my job, lying is not wrong, it’s my job.  Besides, making things up is fun.  For example, this morning I won an Oscar for my performance in a movie with George and Matt,  plus I kicked their butt in basketball, and was about to smear their dead carcasses up and down the bowling lane when the alarm went off.  They should consider themselves lucky.  I know how to roll my bowl.

Anyway, my tip has to do with Max Kiss. 


Max made something up once, actually two things, a product, and a name for said product.  In 1906 Max Kiss was a Hungarian pharmacist who had named his product Bo-Bo’s, but he decided to change the name when he saw that the Hungarian parliament was deadlocked on a subject.  I mean they were stuck, nothing was moving.  Well Max’s product would help get things moving along.

The Hungarian words for parliamentary deadlock are sometimes shortened to Ex-Lax, hence the name.

The Big Q Tip:  make things up, it’s fun, and sometimes it becomes iconic.