We spent some time in Fantasy Land on the Morning Show.  The scenario: you wake up to find that you have won a BILLION Dollars.  Yep it’s legit, it has to be for this to work.  So stop thinking it’s a trick.  You got a text message on your phone, from the BANK!  What is the first thing you do?

Peter Christian books a private Jet to St. John.  I  scream with joy, (who is Joy and what is she doing in my bedroom?) then I give my job to someone who needs it. ( I am generous that way).

Our listeners had their own plans. Some involved getting up and taking care of business! 

Kristen Mattson:  First I’d  go pee,  bc j just woke up.....then I would start paying all family debt...it'd be a long day on the phone.

Dave Howard : Wet my pants, buy a new pair of pants, wet those. Buy a castle.

Vanessa McNeeley:  I would cry, and finally buy a house for me and my girls.

Stephanie Windsor Mitchum:  Die from shock!

Ashley Ragland: I would scream! Then when my husband woke up in utter fear, I'd show him the text!

Trips and paying off those pesky bill collectors was number one for most listeners.


David Thornton : Motor home travel the country while my home is being built. Oh and buy a classic stingray.

Michelle O'Brien:  Call in rich! Then pay off all my, and my family and friends debt!

Kati Marie: I'd pay off my car,  then my immediate family's car and college tuitions then invest in gold, fill a bank account for my son for after 25, then sit on it like nothing happened:)

Yes we would be very generous with our Billion, giving to family, friends and those less fortunate.

Stephanie Martinez: I would buy us a house, new cars (since Hubby recently totaled our car) finish college, set up college funds for our kids,  Adopt a girl my heart has a empty space for,  her & her brothers would be so happy. Pay off debt, help family & friends that talk to me now, not after the money.  I would donate some money for different causes: Cancer, Fibro, MS, St Jude, Dells Children hospital in Austin (saved my baby), Ronald McDonald house, for Vets.

 Some folks had revenge on their mind.

Steve Fields: Buy the company I work for, then fire the idiots that supposedly thinks they know how to run a company

And then there is Rita!

Rita Ballou:  I'd open a home for wayward wiener dogs!

Now I told you this was real, no tricks, the message came in on your cell, it was a text from the bank.  Some folks still ain’t buying it.   

But I still pose the question what is the first thing you would do?

Debbie Larson:  Probably realize, it isn't my phone!

Okay Debbie, try this instead, join the US 105 Nation and enter to win 10 thousand dollars from the CASH COW. Hurry cause time is running out!