It's been three years since Billy Currington released his last album, but the wait is finally over for fans who are pining for new music from the 'Hey Girl' hitmaker.

This September, Currington will release a new album called 'We Are Tonight.'

With seven career No. 1 singles behind his name, Currington's upcoming album is highly anticipated by fans and music critics alike. 'Hey Girl,' the first single from 'We Are Tonight,' has already been released and it has remained in the Top 25 on the charts for five straight weeks. Judging by that success, the prognosis is looking good for the singer's new release.

Currington is working with three producers on 'We Are Tonight.' Even though that sounds hectic, he says he's happy to have worked with so many people on the album. "This album is the first time that I have ever worked with three different producers," the singer explains. "It wasn’t planned, but just kind of happened that way. It was a great experience to be able to bring a different sound to this album and I hope the fans love it as much as I do."

The Grammy-nominated country star tapped into other songwriting talent on 'We Are Tonight.' Currington covered Jack Johnson's hit song 'Banana Pancakes,' and fellow country artist Willie Nelson adds his own two cents on 'It's Hard to Be a Hippie.'

'We Are Tonight' is set to hit the store shelves on September 17.

Billy Currington, 'We Are Tonight' Track Listing:

1. 'Hey Girl'
2. 'Wingman'
3. 'One Way Ticket'
4. '23 Degrees and South'
5. 'We Are Tonight'
6. 'Hard to Be a Hippie' (featuring Willie Nelson)
7. 'Closer Tonight'
8. 'Another Day Without You'
9. 'Banana Pancakes'
10. 'Hallelujah'