So the other day I'm listening to Billy Currington's song Like My Dog.  Two words.  Love It!  But not for the reason you might think.

Though Billy didn't write the song, two well known Nashville songwriters by the names of Scotty Emerick and Harley Allen did, I'll bet my last dollar that when he heard it for the first time, he was immediately sold.  He could sing this one from the heart!  Why? Because he's a dog guy.  No cats.  No birds.  And definitely not reptiles.  Dogs are Billy's choice.

Especially one named Jake.

I met Billy and Jake a few years back when I was doing afternoons on US105.  Before his show at Wild Country, we were talking backstage and the topic turned to my dad's love of labradors.  That's when he invited me onto his personal bus because he wanted to introduce someone to me.  And that someone was a beautiful one year old lab named Jake.

So next time you hear Billy singing about what he wants out of his relationship, and you think you're his one and only, know the bar has been set pretty high and you've got a little competition for his heart.