News that Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish are divorcing traveled quickly on Thursday (June 13). Since the soon-to-be-former couple has five kids, it goes without saying that the family is in a bit of an uproar as it deals with and processes the split. Two of the Cyrus children have spoken out (slightly) about the impending divorce.

Cyrus' most famous daughter Miley offered an adult and grown up perspective about her parents and their second split, while her little sister Noah, who is just 13, tweeted her sadness.

Showbiz Shelly, an entertainment reporter in Chicago, told PEOPLE that Cyrus "was in a really good mood" while she was in town promoting her new single on a radio station on June 14. "With everything that's happened, she was very nice and really didn’t seem affected. If she was, she was covering it up really well," Shelly said. "We really enjoyed having her."

The singer, 20, spoke about working with rapper Snoop Dogg, her short hair and new look for the most part. But Cyrus did address the split, saying, "Oh, I'm fine. I'm okay," upon being asked about it.

While she may be doing alright, Miley is worried about is her kid sister. "I'm much more concerned for my sister [Noah]. She's 13," Miley said.

Noah did issue a short and simple tweet yesterday, asking for prayers for her family in the wake of the breakup. It's certainly a tough time for the Cyrus family and they are dealing with it in different ways.