Belton Independent School District promotes true-to-life skills that enable high school students to be well-prepared in the field of their choice whether it be Cinematography, Directing, Make-up Artist, Producer, or Film Lighting. Tiger Media Productions encompasses students from the field of communications to include Advanced Audio/Video, Radio Broadcasting, and Commercial Photography.

Tiger Media Productions' four-month PSA project, Toll Road, debuted Thursday, May 19 with a red-carpet event sponsored by Grand Avenue Theater in Belton. Every aspect of the project was completed solely by BHS students to include lighting, photography, directing, make-up, acting, editing, writing, and yes even the music.

"The students have worked extremely hard to get through a lot of different challenges.They have had a unique opportunity on a real movie set thanks to Jeff Tucker of Flying T Productions. Tucker gave this group of kids the opportunity to be in a real working environment. It has been a great experience. We are so fortunate to have an administration that provides us with what we need in order for us to do this kind of stuff in a relaxed environment that engages students to be creative," said BISD Advanced Audio/Video teacher Randy Bell.


The PSA gave me the experience and revelation that I have the talent and passion to become a director

"Directing the PSA made me realize what I wanted to do for a living after high school; compared to the beginning of the school year when I had no idea. The PSA gave me the experience and revelation that I have the talent and passion to become a director," said Tiger Media Production's Director Noeh Varville (junior).

Sheriff Eddy Lange approached Tiger Media Productions about creating a PSA for the police department. BHS students had previously done a PSA for the department several years earlier on the importance of wearing a seatbelt. This year's project theme centered around distracted drivers.

"The sheriff approached the school about doing the PSA. They had a proven record from their previous PSA and we enjoy working with the students. The students are showing it from their point of view since the point of the PSA is to reach that age group. It is much easier for us to let them put the program together with their peers in mind, then for us to create something being 30 plus years older than them. We will be using it in our safety programs, posting it on our social media sites and our websites," said Donny Adams with the Belton Police Department.