We are fast approaching the crowning of the 2019 People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive. An award so prestigious that it's sometimes announced on a late-night show like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We are just about a year removed from Idris Elba taking the title away from country superstar Blake Shelton.

I remember when I read the news that Blake was our nation and well, worlds, sexy man. I laughed.

It caused quite a stir. Lots of folks were upset. Some vowed to never read people magazine ever again (but where oh where would they get their juicy celeb gossip? 'US'? I don't think so).

For a year I had so much fun saying "well LEGALLY he is more handsome, or, umm, 'sexy'" than whatever dude some girl was talking about. It frustrated many. They couldn't protest. It was the law.

That is why I am starting a campaign to get Blake the sexy man title once again. Please use the hashtag #bringblakeback(forsexiestmanalive). It's a mouthful I know, but it is needed to get the word spread. The funnyman deserves to be a rare two-time winner.

I have no idea how the voting process works, but we can make a difference. This is important for our great country.

Don't let them get it wrong again. Like in 2014 when Jason Bateman was robbed of the title.

@havenmedrano you can tag me when you 'step up' and help out with this movement!


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