Nominated for a whopping five 2013 CMA Awards, Blake Shelton tonight (Nov. 6) nabbed the one that he wanted the most, Album of the Year, and one that he's won so often he practically owns it, Male Vocalist of the Year.

It is the first win ever in the album category for the country singer and 'Voice' coach, for 2013's best-selling 'Based on a True Story.' He bested nominees including Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood -- and he wanted it, bad. "I mentioned earlier today that if there was one award that would mean the most to me tonight it would be Album of the Year," he said.

He embraced and kissed wife Miranda Lambert -- so much for those split rumors! -- and hugged producer Scott Hendricks and dragged him onstage with him to accept the award.

"Give me that!" he joked as he grabbed the trophy from presenter Sheryl Crow. "Oh! Man. Crap, my phone's blowing up all of a sudden."

Pointing to Hendricks, Blake said, "This guy right here isn't going to say crap, probably, because he's already nervous. But this is Scott Hendricks, everybody. This guy has contributed more to country music in the last 20 years than probably all of us in this room combined, and I'm honored to share this with him."

"Say one thing!" Blake implored and Hendricks complied, managing to get in his own thank yous in before being cut off by the band.

Later in the evening, Shelton was equally enthusiastic upon accepting his Male Vocalist trophy, even though it was his fourth time receiving the award. After thanking his team, including his publicist for "constantly cleaning up after" him, he yelled out, "Thank you everybody!" And that congratulatory smooch with Miranda? Absolutely epic.