The final set on the final day of WE Fest 2015 also happened to be the final scheduled show on Blake Shelton's concert calendar this year. The singer promised a memorable one from the get-go, and he delivered.

If Shelton is feeling the impact of his recent divorce from fellow star Miranda Lambert, he didn't show it in Detroit Lakes, Minn., on Saturday night (Aug. 8). The singer even seemed refreshed, his energy radiating into the crowd from the first song, "Neon Light." "All About Tonight" followed, beginning a rowdy ride with The Voice coach.

"I'm getting too old for this s--t," Shelton admitted, adding, "But because it's my last concert of the year ... No rules." The eager WE Festers — or "Look at all these country music freaks in here," as Shelton lovingly put it — pumped their beers into the air as a toast, then drank up. "No rules" meant the Oklahoma native could play the "long version" of his show, a two-hour set which included several older tunes like "She Wouldn't Be Gone," "Some Beach," "Austin" and "Ol' Red" scattered among newer chart-toppers like "Sangria," "Sure Be Cool if You Did" and "Drink on It."

"I have been here before, and I don't think I've seen this many people," Shelton told the sea of thousands of fans. "Y'all are smashed in here. Somebody's gonna end up pregnant ..."

While Shelton's ex-wife directly mentioned their divorce during her own headlining set on Friday night (Aug. 7), Shelton was all fun and music, not straying from the banter which introduced his songs. Like Lambert the night before, however, Shelton had Gwen Sebastian singing backup. She joined him centerstage for his male-female duets "Lonely Tonight" and "My Eyes."

"Gwen was on my team during Season 2 of The Voice and she has literally been a member of my family ever since then," Shelton remarked.

Other standouts included "Boys Round Here," "Honey Bee" and "Hillbilly Bone." Another memorable moment came when the funny singer spotted a couple of stone-faced, arms-crossed men in the rows closest to the stage, an "issue" Shelton felt he had to address, hilariously calling the seemingly bored patrons “jackasses.” The term wasn’t chosen by accident, of course — Shelton jokingly, but deliberately, used the same word that got him in trouble during the Old Farts and Jackasses Debacle of 2013.

Really, he just wanted to know everyone was having as good of a time at WE Fest as he was.

"We should have televised this concert tonight. It would have been epic," Shelton declared. The scene that followed would certainly have painted a pretty picture in living rooms across America: Audience members held up their cell phone lighters for Shelton's performance of "Home," creating a beautiful effect.

Shelton's 2015 WE Fest set wrapped with an encore of "Footloose" and "God Gave Me You." Fireworks immediately followed to quite literally end the night with a bang. Want to join us next year? Be sure to snag your tickets to WE Fest 2016, which are now available right here.

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