We all love the Halloween season. What's not to love about the idea of pigging out on candy no one needs, the costumes that we put a lot of time and money into to only wear once, and of course scaring the heck out of each other?

Children in Halloween costumes


Halloween is all about having fun, but for some people, it's not always easy to do that. Autistic children, for example, can be easily frightened or triggered by certain costumes or scary settings (like haunted houses, plus all the people jumping out from behind things and loud noises.

These kids are just as deserving of getting in on the trick-or-treats and fun.

To help us determine which children could be autistic or easily frightened and triggered this year, some children and families may be carrying special trick-or-treat baskets that are blue instead of the orange pumpkins that we usually see the kiddos carry around.

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This bucket plan seems like a great way of helping people spot our babies from a mile away so they can prepare. The goal is to make sure that autistic and special needs children can have a good time without being traumatized by the more intense elements of the holiday.

If you see a blue baskets, remember these babies could possibly be triggered and scared to no return, and that is the last thing we want our babies going through They should be able to stuff their face with candies and chocolates, get their sugar rush, watch a little bit of Hocus Pocus and the Addams family, then crash like the rest of us.

If you see a child carrying one of the blue buckets, try to tone down anything intensely spooky or loud you may be doing for a moment - just long enough to hand them some candy, compliment them on their costume, and make sure they can get in on the trick-or-treat fun as well.

To everyone out there, Happy Halloween and good luck with your candy haul!


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