It’s time for the Big Q Tip of the day.  Big Q’s thoughts, ideas, and comments, of course, are his own and are not necessarily the same as this station or it’s advertisers.  Since it’s Thursday and Ronnie Schoepf from Schoepf’s BBQ is sitting in today I’d thought that I would take a moment to pass on my award winning Blue Berry BBQ receipt.  I call it Blues, Berry, and Me. (B,B,Q).  I like to use a small Crock-pot.  Ingredients are simple; Fresh Blueberries, Mrs. Dash, Mrs Dash Chipotle, Garlic Powder, and of course the Pork Tenderloin.  Simply pour in some blueberries on the bottom of the pot, insert the Tenderloin, season one side with Mrs Dash, the other with Mrs Dash Chipotle, and both sides with Garlic Powder, unless, obviously you’re a Vampire, then by all means use salt.  Set the Crock-pot on low and walk away.  12 hours later you’ll be enjoying the best BBQ I’ve ever made myself…in a crock-pot…twice. You’re welcome.