A group of Boy Scouts came up from Austin, Texas to train for the Houston regatta on Lake Belton over the weekend. Their training was put to the test as the scout group's leader suffered a heart attack while on board their boat.Tex Mitchell of Austin and his son, along with a group of boy scouts, were out on the waters of Lake Belton when he began to feel the symptoms of a heart attack. He says he started to feel numb, and as the sensation got worse he could no longer hold himself up.

The scouts jumped into action and got Tex back to the marina for medical attention. The boys opened up the sails and started the boat's motor. When they made it to shore, they found an ambulance and first responders waiting for them. A customer at the restaurant said they thought they saw someone drowning and called 9-1-1.

Mitchell said it was a strange coincidence that help was right there waiting for him. That same day, Tex had 2 heart valves replaced. He was released from the hospital on Sunday, and he was able to make it home for another special occasion, his wife's birthday.

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