Summertime is just a few short weeks away, but if you're jonesing for salt, sand and summer love, Brad Paisley's 'Beat This Summer' video has got you covered. In the music video for his latest tune, Paisley reminds fans just how fun a summer romance can be.

And the best part about his new clip is that you don't have to watch another model-worthy couple flirt with each other in the sand. This clip is all about young love -- the adorable stars of the video can't be more than 12 years old or so.

It starts out with a young boy noticing a young girl. With a Ferris wheel spinning in the background, he starts scheming up ways to break the ice. In the end, he buys her an ice cream cone, and that seems to do the trick.

The young lovebirds spend the afternoon playing carnival games, riding roller coasters and playing around in souvenir shops. Even though their time together is going to be short, these two kids know how to make the most of their day.

After playing in the waves and running on the shoreline, the boy shows off his romantic side again. He plans a candlelit dinner on the beach for his new girl, completely with a teddy bear and wine glasses -- filled with milk, of course. Before their night draws to a close, the young couple takes a ride on the carousel and the girl kisses the boy on his cheek.

It's in the last few seconds of the video that you realize the entire storyline is supposed to be a flashback to one of Paisley's former flames. As the boy watches his summer fling drive away in her mom's car, the screen cuts to a full-grown Paisley staring off into the distance.

By most standards, the end of the video is a little cheesy, but it's nice to see a young, innocent summer romance for a change.