Every parent wants their kids to thrive, succeed and have fun -- without the consequences of missteps and skinned knees. Superstar Brad Paisley is no exception, and he admits he finds it really hard to let his kids make mistakes.

The 41-year-old singer and wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley are parents to to Huck, 6, and Jasper Warren, 4. While they're still young, the proud dad tells People, “They’re growing up."

“It’s hard not to tell your kids, ‘Don’t do that. I’ve made that mistake,’” Paisley shares. "You can tell them that all you want, but you’ve got to let them do it.” So, the 'I Can't Change the World' singer is doing it -- even though he may wince as he lets them fall.

In the meantime, Paisley is having lots of fun being a dad to his boys, explaining that there's one thing in particular he loves doing.

“My favorite thing right now is actually to go out and throw a football around with them," he spills. "They have to get past me at the goal line and they have to organize an offense against me. I let them win.”

But Huck and Jasper are really winning in against their dad in one field -- reading. “They’re trying to learn how to read like every other four and 6-year-old. They’re already reading better than me, but that’s not saying anything,” Paisley jokes.

Even while it may be difficult to watch his kids mess up, it sounds like Paisley and his wife are doing a great job raising their two kids, balancing the line between being involved while not being overbearing.

"I see so much of me [in them]," adds the 'Online' singer. Two mini Brad Paisleys running around? Sounds pretty good to us.