Saratoga, Texas is not only the birthplace of legendary country singer George Jones, some say it's also home to a haunted road. During the day, the spooky stories may seem to be exaggerated, but at night, Bragg Road lives up to the ghostly legends.

Bragg Road's Saratoga Lights

One of the only roads through the forest in Big Thicket, Bragg Road in Hardin County, Texas is an eight-mile stretch that becomes a dark horror movie set at night, lit only by the mysterious Saratoga Lights. Some travelers describe the Saratoga Lights as an orbs of light the size of a small pumpkin, with colors ranging from light blue to green or yellow, according to Austin Ghosts.

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Weird US states that while there are many explanations for the lights that don't involve the supernatural, 'swamp gas' can't be a factor, because there isn't a swamp near the road. Watch this video of a light appearing during a search on the road from YouTube channel Horrified Tv and see what you think.

History of Bragg Road

According to the Texas State Historical Association, on what is now Farm Road 1293, Bragg Road was originally a seven-mile bed for a Santa Fe branch line used for hauling oil from the Saratoga oilfields, along with logs and cattle. The rails were laid in 1901, removed in 1934, and the bed remained, becoming a frequently used road going through the Big Thicket.

Ghosts of Bragg Road

One of the more gruesome tales behind the stories of the lights: a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train wreck on the Saratoga line.

His body was recovered, but his head was never found. According to the legend, the light is from his brakeman's lantern, as his body continues to search up and down the line looking for its missing head.

So what do you think? Is it time for a spooky road trip to see for yourself?

The Daytripper, YouTube
The Daytripper, YouTube


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